3 Myths of Cycling Gadgets Finally Shattered

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“It’s an exciting time for the team and for women’s pro cycling,” said Cervelo managing director Robert Reijers. “Female participation in our sport is exploding globally. One way we support women’s engagement is by supporting pro cycling. We are convinced that the quality of the Cervelo-Bigla Pro Cycling Team and its staff, combined with our support and that of co-sponsors Rotor, Endura, and Enve, will take it to new heights.” via Cervelo becomes title sponsor of Bigla team



3 Important Facts About Motorbikes This Week

Aussie daredevil surfs waves on his motorbike in mind-blowing footage

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Robbie Maddison is a self-described “nutter.”

The Aussie daredevil is no stranger to wild stunts, but recently he outdid himself. On August 2, DC Shoes shared a video on YouTube titled “Pipe Dream,” which shows “Maddo” riding on water with his motorbike, surfing waves on his motorbike and performing other God-like activities to slam home the fact that he is not a human.

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1. Recruit globally for people who can play two or more roles.

First, it’s very difficult to go back and forth between a designer and a programmer. Wang calls this a “communication lag.” Combining roles eliminates this lag and ensures that tasks are tackled faster. The folks at Polarr found having remote team members capable of performing multiple functions generated more time-efficiency than having multiple team members working together in the same space. And, of course, working via video conference also eliminates the need for time wasted on commuting.

Today, the Polarr team gets by on twice-a-week video conferencing meetings on appear.in. The developers share information daily on GitHub. All tasks are integrated on Slack, which allows for real-time communication between team members, without the need for excessive mass email.

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the video, it took nearly two years of training for the epic stunt to become a reality. Using a highly-modified dirt bike with skis attached on the waters of the Pacific Ocean in French Polynesia, Maddo rides the waves like he is riding on air.

He has backflipped the Tower Bridge in London, flown across the Corinth Canal in Greece and scaled the Arc de Triomphe replica at the Paris Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, but this stunt is the most hardcore he has performed.

Maddo himself puts it perfectly, telling Surfer Mag, “At the end of the day, the images and footage say something pretty awesome, but the ferocity and how gnarly that thing was can’t really be put into words.”

Image: DC Shoes / YouTube

via Aussie daredevil surfs waves on his motorbike in mind-blowing footage